Senior Talent Show

The members of the Class of 2019 display their talents at Sanders for the last time.


Friday, May 24th, 2019

9:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Sanders Theatre

Tickets (free) are available on a first-come, first-served basis starting at 7:00 PM the day of show at the Sanders Theatre Box Office.

Program of Acts


Hip Hop Dance

Organized by: Zaria Smalls & Julissa Higgins Featuring: Zaria Smalls, Julissa Higgins, Amanda Dai, Phong Nguyen, Tiff Yu, Sherry Gao, Michelle Chiang, Cat Zhang, Tyler LeComer, Laura Delaney, Nani Redford, Ashri Anurudran, Manav Khandelwal, Anne Raheem, Chinaza Ochi, Nik Boström, Allison Tsay, Jackie Ho, Disha Trivedi, Willa Li, Jesper Ke, Joy Jin


Musical Act

Organized by: Ana Olano & Dustin Swonder Featuring: Ana Olano, Dustin Swonder, Miles Fertel, Changseob Lim, Adam Wrobel, Norman Storer

Strawberry Fields Forever by Los Escarabajos

Breakdance Cypher

Featuring: Daniel Getega, Thomas Chang, Keehup Yong, Edward Wang



With love, the Veriseniors”

A cappella

Featuring: Landon Ferda, Yael Goldstein, Suproteem Sarkar, Christian Savarese, Nafisa Wara


Featuring: Canghao Chen

“A Problem”

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Featuring: Amanda Dai

“Rewrite the Stars” 

“Sea Winds”

Musical Composition Dedicated to his grandparents, a contemplative piece to remind us of those on whose shoulders we stand.

Featuring: Michael Cheng

Musical Duet

Featuring: Cleanna Crabill and Jonny Adler

Cleanna and Jonny


Featuring: Suproteem Sarkar

Suproteem Sarkar

Dance Group

Featuring: Angie Rao, Amanda Dai, Danny Huang, Ellen Xiang, Gui Zhen Chen, Jackie Chea, Jesper Ke, Joy Jin, Joy Li, Kelsang Donyo, Leah Doherty, Lily Xu, Lynnea Shuck, Melissa Li, Melissa Tran, Michael Cheng, Michael Shao, Michelle Chiang, Michelle Hu, Miranda Richman, Patricia Guzman, Phillip Yu, Phong Nguyen, Richard Wang, Sarah Chun, Shira Li, Sundar Solai, Susan Xu, Tamjid Rahman, Tiffany Yu, Willa Li

Seniors of the Asian American Dance Troupe