Give to Gift; Fuel the Flame πŸ”₯

Q: What is Senior Gift?

A: Senior Gift is a long-standing tradition for members of the Senior Class in which they come together to make their first gift in support of one another and future Harvard students. The Harvard experience is not possible through tuition alone. Senior Gift contributions to the Harvard College Fund have an immediate impact on current students and directly benefit key areas of student life such as financial aid, advising, educational programs, the arts, our libraries, athletics, and house life.

Q: Where does the money from senior gift go?

A: Senior Gift does NOT go to the endowment! Instead, Senior Gift donations immediately and directly contribute to resources such as financial aid, campus mental health facilities, Classroom to Table, house renewal/house life, career services, brain break and much more –all of which are staples of the Harvard experience.

When making your gift, you have the option to choose where you want those funds allocated. You can choose for your gift to support Areas of Greatest Impact (which allows the College to support all of the areas above in addition to responding to unexpected needs and opportunities that arise throughout the year), or you can choose to allocate your gift directly to Financial Aid, Student Experiences, Faculty Support, or Libraries.

Q: What does senior gift mean to us?

A: We give because we understand that the valuable opportunities that have shaped our Harvard experience could not have been possible without donations from Senior Gift. Senior Gift is our opportunity as a class to come together to support current and future Harvard students, and play an important role in sustaining and improving the Harvard experience. Senior Gift does not go to the endowment, but rather it is put to immediate use, and ensures that essential components of the Harvard experience continue to exist for many years to come. Therefore, any contribution, no matter the size, has an immediate and valuable impact.